<p> Them:"You are what you eat"<br>
Me: "Double stuffed Oreos"</p>
When men say that they “love to see the woman underneath the makeup,” they’re not saying they want to see your leg stubble and greasy bangs—they’re saying they want you to be better at hiding your maintenance routine. Because the maintenance spoils the fantasy.
Lindy West (via fourstorytantrum)


bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes

The only game that I was never able to win at Chuck E. Cheese was the  Flamin’ Finger game. I am hoping that tomorrow will be the day that i can redeem myself.

One of the main reasons embarassment is so powerful is because we replay it in our head over and over and allow that mean voice in our head to tell us mean things. Sometimes we have to tell the voices to shut up and get out.

Rest in peace Barbara Park

If not for your wonderful works of fiction, i wouldn’t be half the person i am today. Your Junie B. Jones  books brought me comfort in all of elementary school and lead me on my path to being different.